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All in one package

With the Alltrucks multi-brand diagnostics, you can diagnose problems in all common European commercial vehicles (e.g. light and heavy vehicles, trailer, transporter, buses) without having to invest in several systems.

From Alltrucks you receive the following three modules – so you can get started right away:

  1. Diagnostic device KTS Truck Alltrucks
  2. Alltrucks software package
  3. Accessories

The diagnostic device

The "KTS Truck Alltrucks" diagnostic module from Bosch is compatible with PCs and tablets and features both USB and long-range Bluetooth.

The Software

With the help of the Alltrucks diagnostic software package, comprising the three following programmes of our shareholders, Robert Bosch, Knorr Bremse and ZF, you can diagnose and fix difficult commercial vehicle problems:

Diagnostic device
  • ESI[tronic] from Bosch (multi-brand diagnostics and parametrisation of motor vehicles and trailers)
  • NEO | orange from Knorr-Bremse (diagnostics of Knorr-Bremse braking systems of motor vehicles and trailers and parametrisation of trailers)
  • ZF-TESTMAN from ZF (diagnostics up to service level 3 of ZF transmissions)
The Software

This three-part software package is controlled by a joint start centre, which allows you to switch quickly between the applications.


In order to perform a more in-depth analysis of vehicle systems, you also get the following accessories among other things:

  • Adapter lines and cable sets for commercial vehicles, trailer, transporter and buses
  • PSS 300 Pneumatic pressure measuring system
  • Potentiometer test device
  • Special tool for braking systems

…and much more.